Thursday, October 7, 2010

[this is my adventure]

This is my adventure
Which I haven't found yet
The feeling of a feeling
That I have still yet to get

Glow on the horizon
Before I see the sun
A subtle hint of springtime
Before the winters gone

This is the quiet moment
Before I catch my breath
The hope for something better
That I don't quite forget

This is my adventure
Which I haven't found yet

I remember the first time I read that. It made me wonder. Now, almost 2 years later it still does.
I am starting out on a new adventure. I'm beginning a new season.
It's coming in one week.
I'm moving. To "the city," starting a new job, looking for a new church, and living in a different way. I'm moving on to the something else God has for me.
But I can't lie. I'm scared. Yet excited at the same time. Change is beautiful, but hard. I will miss my family, I will miss my costumers at work. I'll miss seeing stars at night. But this adventure, the one that is coming, the one I haven't lived yet, is what I long for. It's beautiful.
God has opened doors, He has made plans, He has set it all into motion. I'm never going to stop being amazed at all He does.

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