Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Return

And so we have come back from camp. There are no words to describe the wonder of what happened this last week. If I could pick one word it would be potential.

This last week was filled with potential. Students who have potential, potential for the future, potential for the Kingdom. It's like when God gave this idea for a camp for college students He was giving a wide open door.

Okay, so I know you all are probably waiting for someone else to update besides me, trust me their coming. I will be making Mom do one tomorrow ;) But I am writing stories and beginning to gather from the somewhere around 1000 pictures ones that you will fall in love with.

Much love to you all!

Rollie, Ann, Karen and Alana


  1. We fell in love with you all. Say hello to Ann, Rollie and Karen. Zhanna

  2. from DASHA

    We love you all! And thank you so much!

    Today it dawned on me to write a poem about the camp. This was what gave me inspiration again. Forgive me if the words are wrongly written or callocate badly.

    Somewhere on the Earth by Daria Bolganova

    There is a place somewhere on the Earth
    That is so different to ordinary World.
    There is so special immesurable force
    Which is immensly blessed by our Lord.

    And here to grow in every bit of mind,
    To live and love with pure in the soul.
    To choose the road believable and right
    Embracing everything around the bowl.

    To take the words for sure you have been told,
    The words that go from deepness of the source.
    How different to ordinary World
    Is lovely place somewhere on the Earth.

  3. Dasha, I have no words except WOW

  4. Dasha, it's AMAZING. Thank you for commenting so I could read it. Love you dear!

    Zhanna, we love and and miss you, all of us will leave part of our hearts in Volgograd with you!