Monday, July 12, 2010

On the Way

As Uncle Larry says, "if you have time to spare, go by air." We waited in the plane, I would say at the gate, but in Vgrad you walk out the door, get on a bus with all the other passengers, ride out to the plane and climb on board. I'm not sure of the temperature today, close to 100 my guess, but plenty hot, none the less. They were having "technical difficulties" the flight attendant told us in her limited English and we waited for 1 1/2 hours. It is amazing, though, that we were only 40 minutes late into Moscow. :)

This country is still amazing to me. That's such a bland statement for such a vast and varied country, but really, finding the words to describe my feelings is too hard at this moment. (Maybe that's because it's almost midnight here.)

We found a true treasure in our extended family members here that just happen to live in a different culture and speak a different language. They live. They love. They have hurts and joys. They really aren't much different than most of us and I hope the biggest similarity is that it is evident that they love Jesus and are desiring to make a difference in this world.

Let's continue on...

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