Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love rain. I always have.

Maybe it's because I'm a farmers daughter. Maybe it's because I was an island dweller. But no matter, I still love it.

Rain has always been a sign of healing to me. That, I know, is because I was an island dweller. Yes, I know that rain refreshes the ground, it allows the crops to grow, it gives nourishment and life.

But to me, it's healing.

This last week, the weather around my home, that I have always known as a dry part of the country, has been thunder storms that have brought floods. One night we got so much rain practically every house in town had water in it. 5-7 inches in one night. (That's quite a lot in the Texas Panhandle.)

Rain can also mean danger and pain.

But I think danger and pain is part of healing. I think that without those things healing can't happen. I think that rain is suppose to sooth at times with simple drizzle, and sometimes with pain from flash floods. I think that when dangerous rain comes, is the only time the rainbow is really seen. I think that the aftermath of a storm is what actually brings beauty.

I think life is a lot like rain.

Without danger, without pain there is no beauty. I think that to rejoice when the rain of life comes to sooth, to nourish, and to give is required and should be cherished. Simply and comforting healing is beautiful. But the rains of life that bring pain, actually bring more beauty. The rains of life that show danger actually equal more reward.

My life has given danger, it's been beautiful to undertake. My life has given pain, and I'm seeing more freedom come than ever before. My life has given comforting healing and it was a welcome relief. My life is like rain.

And my God is the same God who sends the rain. Just like I can't understand His sovereignty in sending rain in harvest, I can't understand His sovereignty in pain. I don't know what His plan is from this present danger. But if I trust Him, the same result will come in my life as comes from rain.

It's a promise.

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