Wednesday, June 23, 2010

O.N.E Week!!

In just one week the crazy part of the summer adventures begin.

We're GOING INTERNATIONAL!! (this time it's not just me and the mouse in my pocket it's me and my mom and two other amazing people!)

And guess what?! Here is where you need to be to get updates on the whole ordeal!

The goal is to update everyday.... but you know how that might go. I'll be assigning team members to different days of the trip so you won't be getting tired of hearing only my perspective.

Details and prayer requests:
  • We will be teaching an English camp in Volgograd, Russia, July 1-13, 2010
  • The camp is for college students ages 16-29
  • Please pray that our presents at the camp will give opportunity for Jesus be shared and the gospel to be spread.
  • Pray for save travel and the ability to get over jet lag quickly

Today I'm armed with a massive todo list and a good cup of coffee. It is a day to be insurmountably productive!

So I best be going, but I thought I would leave you all with an explanation of the picture of the family. Talk about a great life story: this family has one. Crazy in love with God and life, these people have more than a few stories about all they have done for the Lord.

I'm out!

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