Saturday, August 14, 2010

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So as not to make people think I've been lost forever--I'm updating.

In the last week I've traveled far enough north to see the aurora borealis and far enough south to see the Brazos River. I've said goodbye to my sister Sarah moving to college and my team of Taiwanese girls I was privileged to invest in for a month. I went to a baseball game and was reminded of how big my God is. I stopped over at my house for 36 hours and celebrated 3 birthdays and I ate breakfast with Kristen and Priscilla in Ft. Worth.

Now I'm back with my family. For a whole week and a half.

[Go ahead and leave comments about how much of a gipsy I am. I would just love the comments :)]

Over the last month I've learned so much. I have so many stories to tell. But because I'm about to fall asleep, yet I still have several people to talk to tonight I'm just going to leave what I wrote for VOICE as my lessons learned.

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.” 1 Thessalonians 4:20

When I came to V2 I never thought I would learn the lessons I have. What God had for me was nothing like I expected. I thought I would know how to handle everything this program had for me—I thought I knew what it took to be a leader. But those expectations were destroyed. God knew I needed to be taken back to the first step in becoming a leader.

Before a servant’s heart, before good character or learning to make an appeal, I needed to learn to actually see God as my reality. God used V2 to prove Himself faithful of my trust. He took away what I thought I knew about Him and replaced it with who he really is. V2 showed me who my Hero really is; He alone is worthy of my trust. Despite circumstances, pressures, and pain in this life I’ve learned God has created me to be His leader. I’ve learned Jesus desires most for me to not be offended of Him and his plan. What God has placed in my life or how he has created me is perfect.

I needed to see God as worthy of my trust and my worship again. I needed God to prove that he is my Everything. I couldn’t be more grateful that God destroyed my expectations of who He is at V2. Because seeing God again has shown me that he is faithful, and despite my weakness He does use me, no matter how much I have doubted that reality.

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