Friday, August 27, 2010

And My Heart Sings

August is a crazy month for my family. We have 4 birthdays, one anniversary, and the inevitable starting back to school. All in ONE month. The only month that rivals it is November, yet when you are in that month, adding another birthday as well as Thanksgiving, somehow August is forgotten. But today, it's August and it's an exciting one at that.

When I was living in Taiwan, my sister Rachel called me and asked me to start praying for our sister Lydia. The reasons were so wise that I did. I've prayed for all my siblings and I always will. But what Rachel was pointing out to me was that Lydia is perceptive. She wanted me to pray because Lydia was looking around her and was really seeing what was going on. And she didn't like it. My Lydia knew she wanted Jesus, but she didn't want the Jesus she was seeing in many people around her who called themselves Christians. She told Rachel that. So Rachel asked me to pray.

Today at work, my mom, dear brother Shep and Lydia came into see me at work. After making them frap's and tea, and Shep and Mom constantly urging Lydia to tell me something, my precious little sister came up to me and whispered in my ear, "Last night, I accepted Jesus."

I'm telling you it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard!

Mom told me that Lydia started asking questions on the 25th. That was my birthday. And last night, she came to the Kingdom. I couldn't have been given a more wonderful birthday present. And Lydia did give me a beautiful bracelet.

One time I was talking with my roommate Priscilla. We decided that there were three reasons for us to pray for those who haven't yet come to the Kingdom of Heaven. First, because they are lost, they need Jesus no matter who they might be. Second, would be because they are close to us, family, friends. And third is because they will do great damage to Satan's earthly kingdom when they come. Well my friends, Lydia is in all of those reasons. And now she is part. I couldn't be happier.

Really and truly.

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