Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is an adventure

I love adventure. I don't think that's a hard thing to figure out, I mean I moved overseas at 18. You kinda have to love adventure to do that. I blame my dad, he was the one who raised me like this anyway. He wanted me to be a seeker of Christ, and he wanted me to desire to bring people into the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing really thrills me more than to be able to travel and see new things. I love meeting new people, and seeing more of the heart of Christ.

But there is something I don't like. I don't like not knowing what to expect. And basically that means I don't like to have to walk completely by faith. In two days I will be taking off on another trip. One that will have to be lived completely on faith. Yes, I have been given a run down on what will happen, I have been meeting to practice what I need to know. But I've never done anything like this--so it's scary. It's like I am starring in to a vast black tunnel and there is no light in sight. So I want to cover my eyes and just pretend that I'm in control...

Beach Reach. It's the name of a spring break ministry for South Padura Island. And in two days I will be climbing in a van and taking off to serve on this mission trip. I've heard about it, I've prayed for people who have gone on this trip before. But still, I've never done anything like this before, so I [and all my experience] don't know what to expect.

When I was in Manila, I met this little guy. He's an orphan. Hopefully he will soon be up for adoption. He was a kid who was full of life, 3 years old, but convinced that he is 15. He would act all macho, run across the room and slide on his knees to a stop in front of anyone he could impress. He would stand with his shoulders back and march like a soldier, then he would suddenly run and hang on to a black pole for dear life. He loves to cuddle, and give hugs, but it takes a little work to get him to give the first one. He reminds me of me.

It's easy to think I have it all figured out. I am a well traveled person after all. But I think that so many times God gives gifts of not knowing, or gifts of being scared to remind me that He alone is in control. My little friend in Manila is so brave when things are going his way, but really the place he loves the most is be loved on by someone who is willing to take over and lead him. I need to be that way for Beach Reach. I love it when I'm in control, but I want to love it more when I'm not in control. Because it would me I'm being cuddled close to my Jesus heart, and I don't have to do stunning moves to impress anyone.

It just takes faith to love, faith to see, faith to know God more. So my friends I'm asking for prayer. Please pray for me and my team as we head off, pray that I will have eyes to see. Pray that God will give me His heart. Pray that I will know how to love and follow the Spirt's leading. Pray that the God who is the Great I AM will come and make Himself real to these people. Pray for safety, pray for health. It's going to be a insane week. But I'm excited for the results. They will be worth it, no matter the adventure it will take to get to them.

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  1. Hey, there are several of us hoping you'll update your blog while you're at beach reach :)