Monday, March 22, 2010

The Great Beach Reach

Results. It’s something that I looked for when I was reading over my journals for Beach Reach. I can’t say that I found what I was looking for. But when I stopped looking I found so much more. It’s kinda crazy how that oxymoron works.
I found that my perspective of beauty had changed. I found that I want to love the unlovable, because I learned how to stop “me” love and start letting Him love. I found that God gives potential to every person; my job is to find it, and see them with His eyes. I realized all the more how just my God is along with His love and mercy.

I read the prayers that showed how He had broken my heart. I thought back over how what I had seen before had become so much clearer to me. I saw more about how sovereign my God is. I cried for the innocent and defiled. I learned how to pray differently. I felt how much I had been hurt my own people, and how God used that hurt to bring a desire for healing.
When I went to Beach Reach I desired a new heart. I came home with just that. So in a way I did get a result. But putting all that God did—through van rides, beach sharing, pancake breakfasts and beach clean up, into the word result would be a gross understatement.

My friends, the Great I AM gave miracles, he reached out through His beloveds to touch the lives of the hurting, Trent, Edward, Sean, and Amy. Then He used them to touch my life

Like every other trip I’ve been on I walk away from this one different. I do walk away with a new heart for the innocent; I do walk away with new eyes for the unlovable. I am filled with courage to create change and waves. But no matter how much I have changed, I can still change some more. No matter how much I have shared Jesus love, I can still learn to share it more.

Beach Reach was a gift. It was painful. It was miraculous. It was beautiful. I’m thankful for the adventure. I’m thankful God wouldn’t let me get away with staying home. Because He did it—He broke my heart for what breaks His.

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  1. When I see people like you, I wonder how they could get any better. You already had an amazing heart and from what I hear, I do too. But there is no way that something like this can't improve us all. I'm so grateful for the new eyes to see this world and the broken hearts we now have.

    .. and I'm also glad I met you at Beach Reach! :)

    -praying for you