Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Alone

You know, I'm not a fan of being alone. I love people much to much.

When I was living in Taiwan, I had an amazing roommate. But as it happened she had some health problems and for several weeks I was without a roommate. One day, I was shocked out of my skin when I was talking to my team leader Davina, in her room and suddenly, her roommate, Sarah, came walking in with my mattress. It was probably the best gift I could have been given right then. Being alone in my room had really been wearing on me, and I needed to be sleeping in Sarah and Davina's room. I love them to this day for it.

I bring this up just because I'm now once again in a room alone. This time I'm okay with it. But what I'm pushing through for the next several days is my loving parents are off on their 25th wedding anniversary cruse. I'm so glad they got to go.... and I'm home alone with the other 5 children.

Let's just say that I really love my parents and I'm SO grateful for them. And to make it a little better I'm keeping a quote log:

"Lana, I'll help you clean up the kitchen!!"

"Lana! You're WRONG! MOMMA does put wipes in the toilet!"

"If I work ahead then I don't have to do ANY school ever again! Right??"

"Alana, your macaroni and cheese wasn't too bad today."

"I want to sit on your lap, no beside you, no on your lap, no beside you. I don't like you!!!"

"I'm sorry, lana, sorry lana, sorry lana. I'll sit on my potty now. I'm sorry lana."

"Where's the lellow broom lana? I'll sweep. Oh I wanna play with my truck!"


And that's all for now. God is the giver of grace, and well I'm grateful. I'm also grateful for running. And that kids say things that make you have to laugh out loud. That's pretty wonderful too!

-The Nomad


  1. Random FYI, my parents are having their 25th this month too. :)

  2. Wow, Alana! This made me laugh and cry because I am not around. I have a pretty good idea who said what but are most of these from Nate? I miss you guys so much and wish I could be around to help you. Love you guys :)