Monday, April 12, 2010

[from the journals] August

The van came to a sudden halt, apparently we were “here.” Here was the church, orphanage, pastor’s home and second floor belongs to someone else. A busy place.

“Hello!” was heard as the van door was thrown open, and all our mouths were just as ajar. There in front of us was a dirty half built brick building that hardly could be called such. Three little boys stood in front of the half wall that sort of surrounded it. August was the tallest, and the first to extend a welcome.

What was most amazing about August was his English. No doubt about it. The “I’m glad you’re here!” “I can help you” “Can we sing?” “I like ‘This is the Day’ best.” Pretty much blew us away. August is about 11 years old. And he made sure you didn’t call him “Austin.” No, his name is August.

The first night we were in Kathmandu, he was always popping his head in and out. It didn’t take long to find out he was not part of the orphanage, but lived on the second story of the building with his family. It also didn’t take long to see he was loving having 12 playmates living under him, and that he enjoyed knowing their songs and stories. Really, August was what made the team feel at home the first night.

The second morning was beautiful. We went on a walk and came back to the church to play with the children while we waited for the bus to head to the first conference. August took to the camera, he loved being able to talk to us about it, hoping that we would trust him enough to let him shoot a couple of pictures. And a few times I did.

He would reach out and grab the strap, slide it over his head and carefully lift the viewfinder to his eye. His aim was bad and he was afraid to work the zoom. But he loved it! One time I made a deal with him, “Okay, you can take a picture of me, but I can take on of you too, okay?” “Okay.

So I got on his level, and he took my picture, then I told him to lean against the wall, and smile. He did, and his picture was captured.

I didn’t know that when I told August goodbye and he said “You will be back in 5 days time right?” that I would never see him again. I really thought he would be at the house to greet me when I came back to Kathmandu. I don’t know where August went, I don’t know why I didn’t see him in my last three days in the country. But I do know I learned from him.

When you sing, do it at the top of your lungs. When you clap make sure your hands hurt when you are finished. When you give hugs, give them with your heart behind it. When you say hello, do it with a huge smile on your face. And when you ask questions, desire the answers.

God will take care of August. I know He will. But still I will pray for him as often as I can. This little boy has love on his side. And even if I never see him again, I know there is a Savior who is chasing after him, who wants to know him, and would go to such great lengths as putting a pastor and his church right below his family. Even giving him 12 orphaned playmates. God WANTS August. I pray with all my heart that He will receive him.

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