Monday, February 22, 2010

In Honor of Robin Hood and Mind-Blowing Realizations

(Warning: This post may will include some large amounts of exaggeration)

I’ve done a very good job in my life of hiding. I like doing it actually, especially if I have help. I don’t really remember when this story took place, maybe later Jr. high. My family went to this birthday party of a good friend. The main attraction: Dad’s vs. Kids Hide and Seek.

Great I know. Hey! Stop laughing I had fun!

It took place in the backyard of the inviter’s home, and by that I mean it was probably a big enough backyard to have a battle in. No joke. This time.

This battlefield was lined with a dark forest that had snakes hanging from trees with dead branches, cobwebs and such. Real Robin Hood all right. The point of the game was to not be found, (and now you may roll your eyes and say “no duh”) because obviously, I’m not a dad, and they were the ones doing the seeking.

So to begin this adventure, the boys put on there most camouflaged outfits, grease painted their faces and grabbed their highest performing weapons: pocket knives. The girls buttoned their coats against the cold, put on hats and gloves and grabbed their pocketknives as well. What can I say, “we were all from the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles?”

At the firing of a shotgun into the air, we took off. Across the battlefield, into the dense forest, avoiding the snakes and all that other stuff. And to be sure we weren’t found, we stayed in groups of three. I’m not sure how this would help us out since we were giggly kids who like to talk. I’m serious, most of the people at that party would rather tell a good story [or create one by getting found] than eat dinner. I did not fall into this category. I was NOT going to be found.

But not to worry! [said in my best Robin Hood voice] I had good partners in crime. My sharp shooting, built in compass, life-saving sister Sarah was there for backup and our trusty, and grossly more knowledgeable sidekick, Daniel Fagala, was pulling up the rear. With our mission titled “Become Invisible” before us, we found ourselves a fantastic hiding place. Well actually it was three hiding places.

Pulling rank I decided to hide first. So like a good mission accomplish person, I covered myself with leaves as I was lying oh so still on the ground, okay! So Sarah and Daniel were the ones covering me, but in my defense I was laying still! And I hid.

And I wasn’t found. In fact I was the only one who wasn’t found.

Sarah and Daniel came close, but not quite. I waited until after the second firing of the shotgun to come out. I won the prize for being the quietest: a burnt shriveled-up bottom-of-the-pot hotdog. Because everyone else had beat me back to the house and took all the others. But I was hungry so it was good. The end.

Well, almost. I am good at hiding. I can keep myself quiet, and away from everything and everyone when I want to. But I guess today I wondered if it is because I’m out to win a game or just because I’m scared.

Because I’m scared. I don’t want people to find me because I’m scared. Realization is a hard thing. But one thing for sure, it is mind opening.

And I wonder, how is this new realization going to help me in the future. I mean, other than becoming a super spy, I would have to maybe change a little to live this life. Who knows? God usually does something.

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